Brynn Lee

Contemporary Sweet Romance Author


Sierra's home for the holidays, and Dustin wants her back.


Marketing big shot Sierra McDermott was climbing the corporate ladder and had no plans to stop. When she came home for the holidays to help with her little sister's basketball fundraiser, she thought it'd be a slam dunk.

She didn't expect the ex-fiancé she ghosted three years ago to be her little sister's basketball coach, and she certainly didn't expect to have to work with him. 

Dustin Winters was blindsided when Sierra left town and didn't tell him where she was going or why. After three years apart, he wants answers, he wants closure, and if he gets his way, he wants her back. 

With feelings growing and walls crumbling will Sierra and Dustin find love again? Or will the reason she left the first time rip them apart?

Cocoa & Kisses is the second book in the Walla Walla Sweet Romance Series written by Cathleen Grace and Brynn Lee. 

Curl up with a copy of Cocoa and Kisses today and fall in love all over again this holiday season!